Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Gay Lie

These are basic questions to be asked and juries ultimately want to answer if we can know to an extremely high rate of certainty if the defendant is in fact guilty  of the crime.

What you had in this case was one lone accuser or witness which is just not correct because it was not yet determined if she had witnessed anything at all. We know when this has happened previously, a naive fool would set up a charity page for the 'victim' and people would mindlessly give money to the person. For some people this seems to be enough of a reason to weave such a tale.

The popular image, or the image that is popularly imagined of 'prejudice' against gays. Many gays are fine with this sort of 'pious' fraud, if it generates sympathy for their case.

The value of the event... Many people who may not be onboard with the gay agenda but nevertheless can value the story as highlighting the fact the prejudice, discrimination, and injustice is still prevalent in society and reminds all persons to keep in mind the humane values that have always made Western civilization great. Certainly we acknowledge that even though the story is a fraud that it still has the value of calling attention to bigotry.

The confusion... there is a conflation of Western values... because bigotry is prevalent, and because our civilization values men as men, or as ends as Kant would say rather than means in themselves, and that gays have been mistreated, THEN it stands to reason that this story as reported MUST be true. But then you have a problem because the much longer standing tradition of Western society is the 'presumption of innocence'.

BECAUSE it serves a political agenda, BECAUSE it makes readers feel good who think piously towards themselves "Thank God I am not like the bigots in the restaurants, thank God I am not like the sinners and the publicans", BECAUSE the trend in our nation is towards leftism and this story is good political capital for that cause, BECAUSE it makes people feel sorry for a 'minority'.

Then let us hurry, rush to print, and not ask some basic questions as to legitimacy, and the big ones are Consider the Source and Qui bono?, Who benefits?

Anyone who has not been totally brainwashed by the educational system or the media saw from square one that (A) this trick has been used in the past to get free money, (B) to segue a person from obscurity to notoriety, (C) that many peoples' enemies have been TARRED AND FEATHERED and CRUCIFIED in the court of public opinion, and (D) that this is a group in society that admittedly has used psychological tactics to propagandize society, generate pity, and elicit support... She had EVERY reason to lie. But you know what? Her lies did her in. She's done, everyone in her small town knows exactly who she is and sees her for the snake she is. Instead of donations or star status she has just made her future more uncertain than she could ever imagine. She had a job and I'll give it to her that she may have even been a good employee. Now, anyone who has heard this story who might have given her a job in the past will treat her as a leper because they would never know what accusation could be made against their business to bankrupt them or what sort of thievery would occur. She is finished.

AND YET the gays really do suffer, not from society but in the inner man. Many have been raped for so long by someone in their family, they have been belittled in so many ways, they struggle being disgusted with themselves and questioning the ethics of their lifestyle. This results in many cases with them becoming recklessly promiscuous, unabashedly overtly homosexual and flaunting themselves any provocative way that they can. They are like Pagliacci, the crying clown, the Phantom, from the Phantom of the Opera, who couldn't see his face in the mirror, or the body dysmorphic demanding, "Tell me I'm pretty!" They have suffered in such terrible ways. YET suffering as a child does not excuse them all responsibility. Having your childhood stolen from you does not give you the license to destroy Western civilization and turn American society upside down! I don't know how to help you and it turns out many of you do not want help. If you are ever to heal from this, you must confront what happened to you as a child and be healed from that.

For the great majority of us who realize what a petty, selfish rat could have the gall to feel discrimination for a note? You were not refused a job, you were not denied equal pay or a promotion, you were not spit upon, you were not traded between owners which happens in every country that deals with slavery, you were not a victim of malicious prosecution, unjustly fined or imprisoned. You got a note, and even that has been shown to be a lie. People have to get a hold of themselves and see a note is simply a note. You move on and say you're going to have a nice day, no matter what anyone else writes or thinks and that's it.

And also for the great majority of us, you should see that the media and government and certain infamous groups like the gay mafia and fusion centers are all engaged in a massive collusion as a cooperative behemoth apparatus organized for the purpose of social engineering and writing history. That such a story even gains such notoriety that it does, when we are in such a dismal depression that we are never coming out of and true injustice prevails in the halls of Congress EVERY DAY PROVES this point OUTRIGHT, end of discussion. Before they controlled everything, they had to go back and rewrite the history. Now that they do control everything, including the media and the government and the textbook industry, they write it as they go along. 'Those who do not know their history are condemned to repeat it' and I submit to you that Western civilization is DEAD and we are DAMNED.

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  1. Invertebrates sometimes are hermaphoditic, but mammals are not. Mankind is either a male or female. In America you are allowed to be what you are not. Fags and dikes irritate me when they try to equate their perversion with the Civil Rights Struggle. It is a choice to be a sinner. I will never condone sin even if the law of mankind says so!