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Britney Spears

I was about 11 years old when Britney Spears first became really famous. The 'Baby One More Time' was her big hit at that time. All the boys were in love with her and she had looks that were classic attractive features. Her sleaze started out on a juvenile level initially but the steam picked up and it gradually turned into a debauched charade. Many in the Christian community understandably reviled her and made it as if she was a methodical whore of Babylon whose effect was to mislead the youth toward immorality.

The pastors were wrong. I want to explain why that is, why Britney is innocent.

Britney Spears is a slave.

Disney is well-understood in some circles as being a huge promoter of the MK- industry. You might have heard of MK-Ultra. Disney is hugely behind it, and it is an incredibly nefarious program that is about brainwashing children to serve rich old men. Generally, kids become involved in the same way kids get involved with anything, through their parents. We can guess that sometime in Britney's pre-teen years, she became involved with Disney, where she first gained recognition in The New Mickey Mouse Club tv show. Over time, she likely had the attention of executives who saw they could profit massively from her talents. You see, Britney Spears was apart of the first generation of this type performer and she was the most successful of them all. She was designed to have massive appeal to young people, with catchy beats and her classic looks that everyone liked about her. She was also being used as a sex slave. She was probably conflicted in her sexuality, later singing, "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman". She was conflicted between
wanting to enjoy her childhood and teen years but being revered as a sex symbol by America and behind the scenes being passed around for sexual favors.

Now for the rest of the story, I will provide a few references that will be enough to introduce readers to this modern-day slavery.[1][2] I have already read enough on it and can't tolerate reading anymore on the topic. And because I am no expert, I willingly defer to people who have much more information than what I can offer. My primary message here is that the pastors who have preached against Britney Spears and slandered her as a whore, they have absolutely not a clue about what it is they are discussing. I also mean to make a few others points.

Britney Spears is NOT RICH. You hear on the yearly round ups of top performers' earnings. They will tell you that Spears has brought in so many tens of millions through tours, TV appearances, and album sales. Check your facts. She will never see a dime of that money, other than a stipend they set aside for her, that IS A FACT. She has already said in interviews that one of her favorite places to shop is the dollar store [3]. Do you want to know why? The slave owners, no matter how much their slaves actually make, submit their slaves routinely to torture, constant rape, and even starvation and thirst and meanwhile collect the check. Whatever she is purchasing, she is purchasing with money that has been set aside for small purchases only to maintain an appearance. The $200,000,000 it's estimated she has earned during her career [4] is going to her producers, handlers, and owner.

She has made comments in the last few days on a radio show about her coercion. She is trying to be careful and not say anything too overt about the crimes being committed against her and she is making a serious cry for help. What she has said in this statement confirms to people in the research community that she is being coerced, and that she is being sexually coerced. She is being exploited against her will, to perform for her producers and she is troubled between her obligation to her kids and that the exploitation that started in her childhood is still continuing.

Although it cannot be confirmed what access to communications devices she has, it was reported by several agencies in 2012 that she was not able to own her own cell phone, although the link provided suggests only that she has some monitored usage. Internet is also included. [5]


Britney is not the person people thinks she is. She has been psychologically tortured throughout most of her life and if she has split personalities, how can anyone blame her for that? If you saw what she saw then you would dissociate to cope with the trauma. I think she started out as a very noble person who happened to have some of the sleaziest people around her growing up, who realized that she could be profitted off of enormously because she looks like an angel. And she's a great face for sleaze isn't she? The pastors over the years have dragged her name through the mud, they have made it out that she is a mastermind for a great enterprise to bring the youth to a state of depravity. The pastors and their wives, have kids. The kids in childhood watch all the old classics: The Wizard of Oz, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White, Robin Hood. They watch the Disney channel and listen to the Disney divas like Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus. Maybe even some of the families went to Disney World growing up.

Do you know who are the whores, who are bringing depravity upon this nation? If I have to answer that for you it is far too late for anything to be done about it.

additional reading:

1. TRANCEformation of America, Cathy O'Brien,

This article is valuable for introducing readers to the intersection of the occult and the music industry.

You will say, 'Wait a minute, this also includes manicures, and other luxuries." Yeah, so what? She can't  make all those millions walking around with raggedy nails and looking like an old witch. Her owners are not stupid. It keeps her in a presentable condition and it allows her to feel better about herself. It's a win-win and costs chump change next to what she draws in.



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  1. This story is believable. Walt Disney believed in man more than GOD. He frozen. Before his death, he was in hope that human science could bring him back alive.