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RE:, Children and the Last Days

The evangelist, Anita, who is doing a very valuable work that I see the hand of God on, writes on children and living in the tribulation times. On the emoaf website there is a page titled 'Children and the Last Days'. I have written another one of my columns on this very problem and I speak with the insight of the 144,000. She says that we must rely on God and that to fear for our children or the children we will have future-tense is contrary to this faith in God and I wholly agree. Our children you can even go on to say are merely wards in our care, who are the children of the LORD who we have been occasioned to raise. If we raise these spirits in the right and just way, they will be aided in their journey here so that they may be occasioned to reunite with the LORD. If we are not successful in this mission, the result is that they may be lost eternally. To carry on,

The Lord is clear on the rearing of children at the end of the age.

"And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!" [Matthew 24:19]

Jesus the Christ therefore appears to be saying that 'When the branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh'... It is therefore that when the branch is tender you will in the long-term be more effective if you do not have children. Consider the effects of torture...

If the interrogators desire that you submit to the beast system and mean to cause you such great pain that you are brought to the eternal shame of denying the Lord that bought you, then they might crush your hand in a vice. Very painful indeed. Yet for those who have children, the crushing of your child's hand is no less than the crushing of your own soul. Many who are committed to a trust, such as that of a religious convert committed to his god, will often not break the trust, although many of the weaker-minded will. Where it is introduced the prospect of bringing suffering upon your on your own offspring, then we might say even a few out of the former category (the strong-willed, or the hard-headed, depending upon your perspective) will break the confidence. Some of the more foolish might even suppose, "God has delegated me a duty to raise and care for my children, therefore if I deny the Lord and take the mark, I will still be ultimately be forgiven for that I have sought to protect from harm my own children." The devil sits at his poker table, or in his easy chair twiddling his thumbs perhaps in this very second, laughing at all the murderous ways in which he can inflict pain on you Christians and how he might make you just for a second deny the Lord, the people for whose sins the Lord died. Or better yet, he has had many thousands of years to perfect these procedures and now is taking up some extra dastardly assignment. If you are not spending your evenings in heavy contemplation and instruction then we see someone is many moves ahead of you.

And what about charity? It's not rational to think that there will be very many who do not rely on a stranger in that time. On the other hand, there are many who claim they will be so prepared. A couple men,  in two very different parts of the country assure me that they will be prepared in that time. One who owns a sprawling property where he intends to help the displaced and another who believes his guns will protect him. In discussing preparations, there is no short supply of armed men with bug-out plans, properties deep into the uncharted woods of our continent, months of food including methods for water treatment, or even underground bunkers who are convinced they will weather the storm. Yet at the moment they die, they will wonder what went wrong. Because, although many are convinced they have the training and know-how to live in these darkest of times, the devil recalls apocryphal Patton and will say, "I read your book!" The mere thought that a man of even fifty years might devise a plan that has escaped the plottings of the devil, who has had thousands of years to innovate the art of the hunt, is quite presumptuous of many of you. Some of you might wonder why I'm speaking in this way, wondering if I'm playing for the other side. I don't like him at all and God from the very beginning said he was a snake and he is. But he also is coming for you and so far I think his tricks have outsmarted you.

As to charity, God has certain individuals in place, or who will be placed into place to offer charity to individuals, like the Underground Railroad conductors, whose jobs are not to offer handouts, but to offer you the chance to get from 'here' to 'there'. This is just one of their jobs. There will be no shortage of boats, cars, and forgotten-about country roads which they have to affect their purposes. God said to flee from Babylon. Yet who has a boat to flee upon? or who has a plane? And how many will not leave until the last second? And He will also command many to go from one place to another and it won't be apparent at those times as to how you will get from this place to that. This is where God's conductors come into play. If you find yourself in a strange town or country, without shelter, and without instructions, then a helper will without explanation appear and will offer you lodging. As to their nature, some could be angels, but most I take to be men and nothing else. And because they are men trying to live day to day, and also execute their missions as conductors, some are going to second-guess accommodating seven souls. How do we move seven souls undetected? How do I extend my supply of food to last for the amount of time I expect it to last with the accommodation of seven souls? These are tough questions to answer. This touches upon mobility...

Mobility... This is the ability to pick up and move. It is, to 'flee into the mountains', no man turning back, to 'not come down to take any thing out of his house,' nor to 'return back to take his clothes' [Matthew 24:16.,17,18]. I see if I ever move, such as to another part of the country, many of my things it's going to be best planned to sell here and acquire replacements in the new locale. Yet one thing, my books, are something that I would have deep trouble in parting with. If the apocalypse arrived I would simply depart leaving my books behind ;(. And not only that, I'd have to leave everything behind, part relief and part sad. Part relief because every time I'm leaving there is something I must take If I could leave taking nothing, I could run and run and run, get in a car and go from here to there, with nothing and no need for looking back, and sad for obvious reasons. But it's a freedom that must be like heaven to experience, just once. If you have a wife and kids, this is obviously complicated. You can't just 'get up and leave'. You can't hurry when you're gone. There is a saying of the Senate which goes, "The Senate only moves as fast as its slowest ship." The Senate completes its business through cooperation, cooperation of a majority, and one, just ONE member, can shipwreck or delay the entire procedure. If you find yourself in a neck of woods, or a forest more specifically, and we are delayed from a twisted ankle, a sprained ankle, or a broken leg, then you are delayed. And delays often times are bad things. Let's say someone pulls up in their five-seater sedan, and says, "Hey, need a lift... I'm on my way to Timbuktu but first I'm passing through Timbukthree. Hop on." Aww, a divine appointment! But you wish him fair travels, "Enjoy Timbukthree and send a postcard because my wife and seven children will not fit in your car." Summarily you're picked up by local Malian authorities or whatever third world country you are in for 'questioning'. MOBILITY 1 YOU 0

(Mobility image: Segway creator rolling off a cliff. Pretty epic life and death but no picture. This one you will have to imagine.)

Or suppose you are in the streets of Jerusalem during the time of the ministry of the Two Witnesses. One of them is preaching over the sound of a crying child. Then Witness #1 says, "Hold on a

PREPPER: I have a great many cans of food laid up... CHRISTIAN: ...where moth and rust destroy. 'The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want'.

The idea that having children can hamper a person's ability or creativity is not new.

"Children sweeten labours, but they make misfortunes more bitter: they increase the cares of life, but they mitigate the remembrance of death. The perpetuity of generation is common to beasts, but memory, merit, and noble works are proper to men. And surely a man will see the noblest works and foundations have proceeded from childless men, which have sought to express the images of their minds, where those of their bodies have failed. So the care of posterity is most in them that have no posterity." Francis Bacon, Of Parents and Children (1612)

If you don't get the last one, just check out Sir Bacon's hat. What's he hiding under that thing?

While on the subject, attention could also be brought to addiction. I quit smoking in April. Quitting helps in many substantial ways. It reduces the risk of heart attack or stroke, premature death, cancers of various kinds. Also, if you're not a completely law-abiding citizen, it will help you outrun the police :). But to be serious, running helps not just in outrunning the authorities, but suppose you are working in a grocery and a little old lady forgets a back. For an old lady she walks tremendously fast, and it is all you can do to run and catch her before she speeds off in her Beetle. It also helps to temper the body and improve the cardiovascular health and many other things I'll just stop listing now because I am a pathetic runner. I'm not even a speed-reader. I do nothing fast. But I do it right. In terms of last days scenario, those who lack addictions are better positioned. Absence of a chemical routinely ingested into the body can cause among other things a lack of judgment and for this and other reasons odds are not good in a cataclysmic event. Additionally and unfortunate as it may be, when the trucks stop running, the dollar is worthless, and the stores close their doors, their are tens of millions that currently rely on medication and some of them life-sustaining who will either die or slip into a manic or psychotic episode or some other such terrible things. If you are diagnosed with a seizure disorder, hypertension, diabetes, or in some other such way rely on medications, good luck.

I spoke earlier on the crushing of the soul. Suppose a 'terrorist' is captured. And he 'has' information. What might the government lawfully do, what is the extent of what it might lawfully do in order to coerce from the suspect some necessary information? If the president decides it's necessary to crush 'the testicles of the person's child, there is no law that can stop him?

John Yoo, Justice Department official in the Bush years: No treaty... [could restrict the president from crushing a child's testicle].

That is something to pause and think on. Especially since many in our country refer to the Tea Party as 'extremists' or 'terrorists' and some say the same of Occupy Wall Street or some other heterodox political movements. To allege that someone who has a different opinion than you is equal to an insurgent in Syria is very dangerous rhetoric that gives rise to further divide this country me and many mainstream Americans think. We don't embrace the ideas of the Tea Party, or the Democrats, or the NARAL but we don't say they're destroying the country. Incidentally, the military is now saying Christians conservatives are tearing the country apart. That requires another pause. Like I said, to crush a hand won't break a lot of men. To see their own firstborn son have his testicles crushed changes the dynamic and I'm afraid even some people who are basically good will break down.

None of these points raised can be answered by me or anyone else. They can only be answered by each individual for each individual but never one individual for another individual. I pray that many people do not suffer the things that are discussed here. God for some reason might see some of His people suffer in these mighty ways for reasons that I cannot comprehend. My true and best advice to anyone who might be influenced is do not get married and do not have kids. But if you get married, do not have kids. My real point is don't have kids period. If you must marry, then marry. But even that adds to you liabilities. If you are a polygon and your sides are vulnerabilities, if you are a hexagon and you gain a wife, you have gained an additional heptagonal liability; you are a heptagon. A child presents octagonal liability, and two children is a nonagonal liability. If you continue these out, you have room for suffering that some can't ever know. An unmarried person, a childless person can't know the loss of a spouse, the loss of a child. Many people with four limbs can't really fathom life with three, as a paraplegic, or as a double amputee. The point is, the closer to being a circle that you are, as someone with the fewest liabilities, you are better positioned. Unless you are a moron, but that too is a liability.

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  1. No matter what J. Randall Sadler thinks, Jesus is (and was) a champion for children [Matthew 19:13-15[.