Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Truth About Breast Cancer

The Truth About Breast Cancer

The truth about breast cancer is simple, but hard to take.

Breast cancer effects liberal women primarily.

Breast cancer is the judgment of God.

Since 1973, women have claimed the right to murder their children.

For a long time, they have enjoyed many special privileges.

One which can be seen on the daytime shows, like Maury.. A woman can accuse a man of nearly anything.  Fathering her child, raping her. The audience automatically believes anything she says, no matter how many times the lie detector results show that women in general cannot be believed.

Women will make mockeries of their husbands in court and allege he has hurt their children, physically, or even sexually.

Women many times use their support money to enrich themselves and buy themselves fattening meals or jewelry, or even, God forbid, spend the money on their new boyfriends. That's right, you heard me correctly.

Because women have been 'liberated', to run wild litigating fraudulent cases and murdering their own  children,

God has struck them viciously, in the millions, with a vicious and progressive disease, just as they deserve.

Take special note: These are not godly, Christian, pro-life women that are diagnosed with breast cancer.

It is wretched liberal women who lack morals entirely that acquire breast cancer.

God has struck these evildoers with disease.

Please do not confront and defy this Father. Some of you are not worth His time and He will kill you. Others He might feel a streak of mercy, if for a second, and give you another chance. Others will suffer from rotting diseases of the flesh, of wasting diseases, and not all of you will survive.

He says correctly, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy!

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  1. You have a choice to sin or not sin.
    GOD promised that HE will punish for any sin committed in Deuteronomy 28.

    IF YOU BELIEVE PAUL'S LIE IN Romans 6:14 over the word of GOD; YOU are idolator because you have made the Paul man your "god"!!!!