Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Size of Israel in a Dream

The Size of Israel in a Dream

I had a dream in the last few nights (July 2014), I even forgot about it until just now (12:30 am Monday).

In the dream, I saw a map of Israel, it was a little unclear and I was trying to assess its width at a point. At this point on the map, I determined that Israel was only five miles wide. After waking up, I had no idea if what I had seen was true.

But as it turns out at the narrowest point, Israel is less than four miles wide.

I do not agree that when Israel is surrounded by hordes of Islam, to the extent of thousands of miles that they should give what is one of the lower pieces of real estate in that region. For there is certainly no oil. One could travel for thousands of miles, certainly hundreds in any direction and never step foot out of a country that is not run by an Islamic government. So far to Morocco to the west, to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Afghanistan to the east, and Turkey and Syria to the north. One could travel a lifetime and never confront anything but Islamic civilization.

Why must they give up this one piece of land in the Middle East, a land their fathers once called home?

That is untenable, pun intended, though not really, since this is no laughing matter.

Some of you think Jews are not very pleasant. All the more reason for them to have a place of their own.

I wish all unpleasant people had such a place, preferably between 8,000 and 12,000 miles away from me,  about as far as Israel is. That would be an ideal scenario.

I think the Jews should keep the land. The Muslims have millions of square miles of territories in several dozen countries, in Africa, Asia, and in Asia Minor and the Middle East. And now Muslims are immigrating to the West in massive numbers and laying claim to those nations too. Muslims are welcomed all over the earth, they are brought in to the host society and they are allowed to prosper.

Whether individual Palestinians choose to stay or to go, or to assimilate, I don't know. But it is a mistake to think that this is their land and that they are fighting a noble fight. They are not fighting a noble fight. They refuse to make peace. No matter the atrocities Israel commits, the Palestinians will never win my respect if they continue to put women and children in the front lines because it wins them sympathy from the world and puts them front and center in the newspapers. I won't agree with a nation that wages an insurgency and threatens Israel constantly.


    Nothing more to be said.

  2. The best farmers in the world are Israelites, not because the land is so fertile, but because they follow the agricultural laws of GOD!
    Between AD 70 and 1948, most years, the land was out of production. Read a similar story in Genesis 26 where the Philistines tried to stop the crops of Isaac, but he produced abundantly despite their efforts!!!