Friday, November 28, 2014

My generation is blotted out

My generation has been blotted out.

My uncle and my dad were raised in a religious household. They were beaten with the belt, though they still looked up to their parents in adoration and love them dearly to this day. That was what it was like in the 50s and 60s and I don't blame my grandfather.

But when I was a kid, my dad beat me too, because that was all he knew to do, and he couldn't really be a man and face his wife or his boss. He had to beat on his little boy.

My grandparents never liked my uncle's two sons and they felt so belittled that they stopped coming out to get-togethers and holidays before the age of 15.

I was also the boy that was looked down on, but I had no other family, while these boys lived with their mom and was closer to her family. All I had growing up was my dad and his family. So I kept coming over the years. My mother was around, but she was very poor and had no skills and her family lived across the  country.

My family has been a generation of whores. My aunts and uncles combined, and my parents, (9 total) have  around 23 marriages between them and almost as many divorces.

Divorce is a horrible evil.

A sister, has abused her husband after they were united. She spoke with resentment, Do the dishes, Mow  the yard, Do this do that! You do nothing around here (bitch didn't have a job but he took responsibility for his wife and kids and worked hard).

So he turned to the affection of younger women. He cheated. Their marriage will never recover and divorce is inevitable, however, they're both afraid of the unknown. Tragic.. And they are afraid.

This is the fruit of your labors. If you hold enmity toward your spouse, your ship has set sailed, your time is come.

My dad married again and again, a stupid man he is. He's made money over forty years of hard work but  he'd rather spend it to satisfy his wives, who wind up taking him to court and dividing his assets. But he is a stupid man.

My mother is an outright whore. After her bladder collapsed and repeated surgeries over the last three years she can no longer physically have sex. Her manipulation and advantage-taking of men has still continued. Evil rotten scoundrel.

The whoredom continues and it is not ended.

My generation has been cut off. I am the sole heir. I am 26 years old and cursed to virginity, it is unlawful for my seed to be spread out, it is unlawful for me to be touched.

I am a tender branch, considered as uncircumcised, a first fruit unto God and the Lamb.

I am a 144,000 and I have come to tie the loose ends, and to oversee the steady elimination of man from   rule on this planet, and show those who may learn from me the Way back,as it has since been lost, and it  must be shown again to you.

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  1. My parents died more than 20 years ago. I disagreed with them about Paul quietly. I considered it an act of dishonor to tell them that they were wrong.
    They were pork eaters all of their lives.
    They were married when I was born, but not to each other.
    My mother told me that she did not want to have 11 children. I think that she would have had abortions if she had not been too old to have children in 1973.