Monday, March 4, 2013

Many Christians Roasting in the Fires of Hell

Let me start off by reminding those of you who read one of my latest message that I don't believe in a place of eternal torment. A common is why would God not send evil people to Hell, furthering the dichotomic view that the good go to Heaven and the evil go to Hell. The answer is because there is no Hell to send them too. The place of damnation is the place of final rest, no more no less. If you are counted among the goats on the left then you will be daqmned and it will be lights out for you. Your final state will be as that of compost, thus fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah that the worm would not die. You will be in the ground and there will be no coming back.

But let's pretend for a moment that there is a Hell. It is completely apparent to anyone who has been paying attention for sometime that Christians are so gung-ho and chipper about reminding people that they are going to burn in Hell when they die. Especially when you don't accept their views on doctrine or perhaps on politics and who to vote for. So let me ask the Christians? How many of the people that you share pews and churches with on Sunday are going to be burning there? My suspicion is most of them are going to be damned. Your churches are filled with adulterers, fornicators, liars, slanderers, backbiters, and backsliders and you all forget about them don't you. I haven't been unfair in my generalization. When the medical professor points out that between you and the two people sitting next to you, between one two of them will not complete medical school, he isn't being unfair, however unpleasant the fact may be, but he is providing a warning by pointing out the truth. And I am not being unfair either, I am pointing out the fact that the church is not the first place to look for a message on the virtue of morality, although it could make a good defense of why you shouldn't live an immoral life since so many damnable people with every sort of  life problem are found there.

Again, how many people that you share a pew with on Sunday are among the damned? Until you call them out, no one will take you seriously, not even other Christians, except maybe for the bigots.

As I said in another message that we as Christians can be defined as being followers of the Way, the Truth, and the Life. It is disappointing to see how Christians, who are commanded to not bear false witness, can so believably assure you of something that is false and thereby lead you to believe a lie. They will lie right to your face whenever it is convenient, and I can tell many of them have had a lot of practice because they do it very well, that is, they are very believable.

Or how about the part about when they offer their steps to salvation or some other stupid observation on life. They have a lot of ways, they speak eloquently of their ways and their theories but very little of God's way. How Sunday after Sunday, endless messages are preached on Paul's very inconsequential epistles while very little reading of the words of Christ in the Gospels is done. I suspect it is because very few men actually know the true Way and know how that is reached.

Then the life which they offer is every bit of worldly satisfaction and privilege, the cheese puffs and twinkies, of the flesh which has made them fat, and of the spirit which has made them abominable. On one forum they criticized James David Manning who was speaking about the false ministry of a very well known TBN preacher. They said he was jealous of this "minister"'s wealth. We are not concerned with your wealth, we
who are speaking on the prophetic. It means nothing to us but a thing which is transferred from one hand to another, that purchases a thing which we might enjoy but then it is only fleeting. At some point in time it will be useless for much else other than as kindling which we may provide warmth to ourselves by lighting it aflame. Peter said "Silver and good have I none but such as I have I give thee," and he also rebuked the man who tried to purchase his anointing. This cannot be purchased and it cannot be sold. Karl Marx's mother said that Karl should spend more time accumulating wealth rather than writing about it. But for the true ministers, they are concerned neither with economic theory nor amassing a fortune. What God sees fit to provide us, we believe is that which we are entitled to or what we are worth, but in any case which He
has seen fit to provide. With that we should spend wisely and be a cheerful giver in what has been entrusted to our care. We thank God endlessly for that which He has seen fit to provide as we recognize we are all sinners of the worst variety and that we are no more entitled to what we have then the African overseas is entitled to it, (yet he lives without and you live with it, when there is not rhyme or reason as to why you do and he doesn't).

To conclude, I want to remind you that I do not teach of an eternal hellfire because, try as I might, I couldn't find any verses that taught that. But if there is, I trust God in His great might of wisdom and righteousness that many Christians are going to have a great number of seats reserved first for them, and secondly, for the people of the world. Theirs is a first-class ticket and their wealth and cheese puffs amount to nothing in my book because at the final disposition they will be condemned.

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  1. You can believe that the moon is made of cheese, but that doesn't make it so!!!