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Liberty and the Articles of Abomination

Liberty and the Articles of Abominations

There are some, as we have seen in my postings, that God has called to a closer communion with himself than others. Are you as close to God as Jeremiah? Obviously in nearly every case the answer would be no. But because you do not have the strong calling on your life that he had, then it is unnecessary for you to be that close to Him. So, there are some individuals who He will call to that closeness, but for most He will not.
I am someone who has been called to be closer to God than most of you out there reading this, though I trust that if any one person is truly paying attention to what I have been saying, that you are likely an exception. Because of this, I lack the liberty that some of you hold to. The prophets are given unique commandments which are not meant to be asked of the average person. Isaiah was called to expose himself for a
period of nearly two years. Jeremiah was called to celibacy. Moses was called to part the Red Sea. Elijah was caught up in a whirlwind or chariot of fire. So what is asked of the prophets is a lot deeper than what is taught on a basic level in the churches. And though I am not a prophet, though I may be called as one, I similarly lack the liberty that many Christians have. I am greatly perplexed as to this question.

I see on a nearly daily basis how Christians exerise their liberty and it astonishes me. First, because I do not share in this liberty. And second, because I have a deeper understanding of it than they do and so I am not sure why they feel compelled to exercise this privilege. God has indeed given us His law and expects us to obey it, but Christians have plenty of good intellectual excuses (and that is all they are) as to why they don't have to follow one law or another. All it amounts to is they are stupid and as long as they are stupid then they don't have to do anything. The same way someone who has Down syndrome would be provided for by the government and would lack criminal responsibility to a high degree. Yeshua taught a parable about two servants, one who knew his responsibility and didn't meet it, and the other servant who (apparently because he had just started the job) wasn't sure what was expected of him. The first servant was beat more harshly than the second. So it is a biblical idea that where someone is lacking knowledge on a subject then they are not as culpable as the person who knew and did not do it. I am not calling you stupid because I hate you, but it may be because of the fact that you are stupid that you will be saved in the end.

There is a good one: Pork, that I am handling separately. When God placed it on my heart to give up pork, I wasn't sure why or if it could be proven biblically. I hadn't formed an opinion one way or another. I had been told for much of my Christian life to "call not thou common" "what God hath cleansed" but God had never spoken to me personally on the issue. But I knew that if this was from the Lord, He would be prepared to
show me where it says that in the Bible. If it was true that Christians are not at liberty to eat pork then it could easily be deduced from the Scriptures. God was indeed prepared to show me in His word why it is that Christians are not to eat pork. He showed me and then I fought and won the battle to give it up. If you are prepared to search for yourself you will see that I have not lied to you.

I have made note previously on liberty as God instituted it. I claimed it was the only liberty which was sustainable and the only liberty worth having. This is merely an example to show that I am indeed perplexed as to how the Christians are entitled to such great liberty that I am well aware God did not give them. They are right in the sense that we live in liberty and in grace, but their philosophy is wrong as to what it implies. As surely as I live, I have seen this liberty, I have seen Christians exercising it in practice, and it is distasteful, abominable and something which I want no part in.

The Articles of Abominations


There are some at one church that I am very familiar with, perhaps even a couple men from the church will see this at some point, but those some will explain with eloquence why I should eat pork like the rest of them, how my theology is mistaken and that I should defile myself even as they defile themselves, with pleasure and lust for more defilement. It is their belief system which is mistaken though. A man I know said
it this way: "'Man cannot live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.' The Greek here for word is 'rhema' which is the spoken word of God, as in the sense if God were to give you a commandment on something, that word that speaks to you. If you tell me I am not supposed to be doing what God clearly told me to do, that is the spirit of antichrist." I whole-heartedly agree with his assessments. When one of these from this congregation tell me to go against the rhema of God in my life they are preaching an abomination.

This is how the mes got started to begin with. The serpent came and said, "Hath God really said..." When I hear "Christians" coming to me and asking "Hath God really said" I got a little irked because it shows me they are under the power of the devil.

II. The week I left that church, I was deeply troubled by the abomination standing in the holy place that I had witnessed that Wednesday night. At the prayer service a young woman was praying before the church, named Kayla, and she prayed, in anticipation of the upcoming missions trip to Israel that God can allow the Jews to se that they do not have to obey the 613 laws of the Torah. I was very receptive to everything that
had been said up until that point, but when I saw it for the fraud it was, my spirit shut down and I went outside, where I spent most of the rest of the service in total shock. I was trembling for much of the next 3-4 hours as I couldn't believe what had taken place. This church has taken it upon themselves to go to Israel under the pretense of saving Jews, or for what I don't know, maybe they are in search of an authentic filafel, and it was this night I realized the message they would preach. I must warn them however, which I will not do because sometimes stupid people are unwilling to learn, that this is not a message to preach in Israel, of all places, as it will harm the conscience's of the Jews, who are a very pesky bunch and difficult to evangelize to, and my suspicion is that it will do much more harm than good, if they preach that message I suspect they have preached elsewhere. My soul was hurt not for the ignorant in that church which have not taken heed to the word of God, but for the souls they will lead to their damnation because of the lies they preach. This was the abomination in the temple.


III. The abomination which I witnessed next: On this Thursday night, which I was brought to the church under fradulent pretenses and lies, thanks to the abominable and atrocious leadership of this church, who will not be excused in my book, someone (hopefully soon to be fired to live a life of misery if they in fact work at the church) had bought pizza for those in attendance. The pizza was of three varieties: pepperoni, ham, and sausage. Paul, who they swear by and insist is a true apostle said to not eat meats insofar as it hurt the conscience of other brethren.

As an aside, if a friend and I go to Cici's Pizza, a restaurant that I really like, and my friend wants to eat sausage or pepperoni, by all means they should. It doesn't bother me at all. But if a friend or family were to call and invite me to have pizza at their house with a few others, and that they would have pepperoni and sausage pizza, then I would politely ask that they order hamburger pizza as well. I am not being rude, I am just asking them to obey their own Bible, which they claim to adore so much since my conscience would be offended. Pizza is my favorite food and if someone were to be eating pepperoni in front of me and make no effort to see that I eat as well (which I will not eat their pepperoni because of the rhema) then that would be hurtful. Any decent person would accommodate me in my convictions and say "Sure, we'd love to have you, and we will order hamburger as well!" But if they did not accommodate me in this request, I would chalk them up to being agents of Satan who are not decent, but are as wicked as they come.

When this church has brought this pizza into the house of the Lord then they have acted as agents of Satan. Wouldn't it have been enough to order a few each of pepperoni and sausage, and for those who may not eat pork order cheese or hamburger? I think this is very reasonable and is in line with all of Scriptures. But to bring a total of six pizzas all covered in pork, it is exposed to me this was not of stupidity, or ignorance, that the abomination was brought inot the house of the Lord, but it was intentional, insidious, and Satanic. Then to eat it in front of me, and this same young woman Kayla wh prays against the laws of God, to God's face that His law is irrelevant, proceeds to explain to me why I should defile myself because she is defiling herself and everyone else is doing it and it isn't so bad to defile yourself if you try it just once.

And this is all in the temple, that I must declare once and for all is not a temple at all but some house of whoredoms and maybe worse.


This is the disputation against abominations and against that insidious liberty that Christians exercise as an excuse to defile themselves and act as stupid fools doing whatever it is they please themselves to do.

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