Sunday, February 10, 2013

Perfect Liberty

In the Christian religion, most fall within one of two camps: the legalists and the libertarians. The libertarians teach that no salvation comes from the Law, while the legalists teach that salvation comes from the Law. I reject both as being absurd.

The apostles give us many commands which Christians are to abide by, which negates libertarianism.

Also, the Word teaches us that we are saved by faith in Christ, which negates legalism.

Yeshua said, If you love me then you will obey my commandments.

He also says, "...that whosoever should believe on him should not perish..."

What needs to be seen here is love = believe. If you believe Yeshua, that is, if you love Him, then you will obey Him. Likewise, if you obey Him it is because you love Him. But if you do not obey Him it is because you do not love Him.

Paul calls the Law chains. It is no chain but freedom! Perfect liberty can only be realized in a system of law. Political philosophers have always known this, and God before them knew it all along. The Law is for us and not against us.

Let's look at a few points.


We do not regret the fact we are not free to kill. We don't levy complaints against God because we are not free in this matter. But it is because society and religion, e.g. law, prevail that we are given our freedom from being killed. We are at liberty in our lives, frankly, because of law.

Sexual relationships

The atheists and skeptics are gravely disappointed that they cannot continue in sexual immorality under a Christian system. The big Party Pooper in the sky they say wants to crash their party and to keep them from having fun.

But we see in theory and in practice that relationships can only prosper at their highest level when we respect our bodies and the bodies' of our respective others. We have longer, happier marriages, greater levels of fulfillment, lower risks of unwanted pregnancies, STDs, poverty, and a lack of education by doing it the way God intended. It is because God loves us so much that He wants us to be fulfilled in our lives, not because He wants to punish us or keep us from having a good time.

Unclean Meats

The Christians in the church mock today and say they are entitled to eating these meats. But God said we were not entitled to yet we do it anyway.

My mother is one who has had allergic reactions to seafood. These foods can be harmful, the toxins and worms they may carry.

God does not punish us in telling us to abstain from pork and other meats! It is because He loves us and wants the best for us.

Imagine for a second that perhaps God, the greatest Geneticist of the universe, foresaw in the genetic code of the Hebrews who He have this command to that some who ate these things would get sick and die. Then they would go to God mourning and wailing saying, "Why did you let us eat this, when you knew of the great harm it would cause?" And think back and see why this is exactly what the Jewish people would have done.

But God loved His people so much that He does not say to us, "I hold the lightning in my palm, and whosoever eats of this meat shall die." But instead He says, "I love you with such a great and abiding love and see that you can only live your best life by eating healthy and so that is why I ask you to avoid these things which will only pollute and harm you!"

A friend of mine says we are at liberty. I suppose we are. But God has saw fit to declare to us how best to live our lives and I think He might be privy to some information we are not. Surely we are not damned from smoking cigarettes or eating a hot dog. But will we live the best life Christ wants us to live by doing those things? No.

In every act of God, we see His mercy

When the youths were killed in 2 Kings 2 for mocking the prophet, I do not see judgment. I see the loving mercy of God. God in His wisdom saw that if these kids continue on in their sin, they will lead the people of Israel astray and they will go to their own damnation. Because of the great wickedness they committed at the young age they did, God saw fit to bring their lives to an end and spare them future damnation, but to bring their souls pure life with Him. That is a hard lesson, but it pays well.

The mercifulness of the Father was tried when His people cried for quail. But from the generosity of His heart He offered them quail and at the same time saw fit to judge them for rejecting His good gift. In it was the heart of a father, reprimanding his son, not out of hatred for his son, but because of the great love he has and wanting his son to be the best man he can be in his life.

Time after time after time we see the goodness and graciousness of our God and the Christians impugn His motives saying, "He was too harsh on those Israelites," and "What do you have against pork, they look so tasty."

God does not hate us and seek to destroy us.  Deny us liberty and offer us only chains. It is because He knows as all the political philosophers will tell you, perfect liberty is only realized through Law and you can only live your best life possible with self-control and abstaining from unhealthy habits.

It is because He loves us that He has offered a plan for our health and for our prosperity.

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