Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Serious Attack

A couple nights ago, I was put into a terrible situation. I was at church and some things took place there of which I can not say I am satisfied at the result (of either my actions or the actions of others). It took the counseling of three members which I am close to from the church who offered me various biblical perspectives, mostly emphasizing that what has transpired tonight cannot be changed, but only how I pick up the pieces afterward.

What is important for this message is that the clash involved me and a woman from the church. She rebuked me in the name of the Lord, and in that very moment her eyes betrayed something that few have seen. I saw her very spirit, and though I saw her eyes looking back at me, it was not her, but the Devil I saw in her eyes. In that moment, the Lord in me could not be rebuked. She could not use the Lord to cast out the Lord. This is the encounter, I regretfully must tell you I prayed for once upon a time.

One of the members of the church said that to this individual I must repent to and receive forgiveness from. I contemplated the role of my actions into late last night and the role I would take afterward. I took into consideration the words that these three individuals had given me. But it was last night the word of the Lord came. I do not need forgiveness from the Satan in her. Far be it from me for me to stoop to the spirit controlling her seeking its approval and its forgiveness. The word of the Lord is clear, Be ye perfect as my father as perfect. To be justified in His sight and not in the sight of mere men. I have no explanation for what took place other than to say it was a variety of bad circumstances that all came together into one disaster. As I need no forgiveness of her, she needs no forgiveness of me. I cannot be harmed that I should have an ought against her as the flesh has been crucified. It is not my place to hold an ought against this woman but remand her unto God for Him to lead her to her own perfection He calls her to. It is not for me to hold unforgiveness against her and it is not for them to hold unforgiveness against me, but to remand me to God and I them.

The aftermath of this event is that we are all who were involved remanded back to God to give an account and admit that ways earlier in our lives we handled these situations similarly cannot be changed, but that the gift of God is to handle it differently in the future. My testimony then is that my person in disinterested, that I was present in spirit, the attack on my flesh is irrelevant. The flesh was crucified but the spirit rose. Repentance and forgiveness are central duties in Christian life but that we do not repent to the evil spirits, nor cower to them, nor encourage or bless them. We remand that to God for His disposition, and finally we remand our souls for God's working.

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