Saturday, February 9, 2013

An Altar

We are all required to build an altar. Our lives are altars themselves that we build and a fundamental law of nature is that we are required to build this altar. Many times in the Bible it was asked of a prophet by God to set up an altar. Noah as the world was restarting built his. Prophets in Old Testament times were told to build theirs and today we build ours as well. Who do you build your altar to? You have one of two selections: Either God or the Devil. On that second point, you can call it Krishna, Buddha, Allah, or whatever you prefer, but your altar is built to one of those two, God or the Devil.

I am here to tell you from my own experience, the way I tried to live and why you should not live this way. At first, I thought I would keep close enough to God that I wouldn't perish, but stay close enough to the Devil that I could get the good pleasures of his kingdom. That failed miserably.

Then I gave myself to God and for several years I gave God only 50%, the other 50% I kept to myself, not willing to put worth. What the Lord taught me is that "Even if you live 50% for me you are still living 100% for the Devil."

I had to be corrected. And so I have been going through a series of changes so that I could give my all. Last year, prophetically for me was God defining for me what 100% was. I struggled for so long, not even having been convinced as to what that was. But when it was defined, the current year began, and it was in this year that after having been shown, I am being brought to a place where I can devote 100%.

My point in all of this is to leave you with a couple points. That an altar will be built. It is to one of two persons, and of that you have no choice. But if you are to devote it to the God I serve, then don't by any means go about it the way I did and only offer half effort. Give it everything you have.

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