Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Moral II: Gambling

Why shouldn't a person gamble?

'Because some people lose so that others can win.'

Oh, so it's not fair is it? Why is it not fair if mature adults have agreed to run the risk of losing funds so that they might have an opportunity of winning? It's not possible that everyone can win; it must be that only a few win and the most lose. There's no promise of fairness in this life; only in the next, and only despots and those who elect them would even want to make a fair society anyway. Chronic losers complain about fairness because they can't win without cheating and asking for the government to intervene.

And how is it unfair? Do you have less of a chance of winning than anyone else? If you buy a Power Ball ticket you have the same odds of winning as everyone else. So actually it is fair.  Unless you mean to say you deserve more chances than everyone else.

Or do you really mean we should give the money to the pastors? So they can eat steak dinners and donate oatmeal to the food bank? So they can lecture on sexual immorality all the while they sleep around on their wife, even with prostitutes. So they can collect a salary to donate to the political campaigns of wanna-be despots. So they can extend their influence into local politics and build an enclave of totalitarianism in the city. So they can drive around in luxury automobiles and spit on the homeless. Yeah, I think I'll keep my money.

I won $23 playing scratch offs tonight. I went to the store with $20, bought not quite $17 worth of groceries and went home with even more than what I started off with. If God chooses to reward a poor man for his faith by providing him with good food by winning on a lottery ticket, why does that concern you? Tell me, why do you criticize God for blessing that man? You, Christian, should keep your damn mouth shut is what you should do. I choose to glorify God that He saw fit to reward me as His servant. Many of you reading this will open a new window to browse pornographic sites before long while passing judgment about how I am not a true Christian because I play the lottery. You will down one more beer and then Wednesday night you will be in your blazer ready to preach to the church. It is precisely because of the theft and wickedness of the Christian believers that God would choose to reward His children through gambling.

If God let me win on the lottery so I could bless someone that same evening who was in a desperate need, should it not be that that money goes to me, a concerned Christian, rather than a worker of darkness? I think it should. When the pastors stop thinking about themselves then maybe I will give an offering. And they also have to stop preaching lies.

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