Tuesday, September 10, 2013

'America is not found in the Bible' Fallacies

'America is not found in the Bible' Fallacies

I. Just because you haven't found it, that doesn't mean it isn't there.

II. Many Christians are still such blind supporters of the American government that they refuse to accept any of the prophecies of war, death, and destruction could possibly refer to their 'great' nation.

III. Because even an all-knowledgeable God couldn't possibly have foreseen a nation like America coming into being at the end of time, could He? /sarcasm

IV. Because you know all of the prophecies, understand all of the symbols, can quote them more or less verbatim, and receive a constant inundation of supernatural revelation from the Lord and so you cannot possibly be wrong because no one has ever been wrong at any possible time and even people with flat out contradictory views are always right.

V. Because I looked it up in the Strong's Concordance and I couldn't find the word 'America' anywhere there.

Here now the word of the Lord, Mystery Babylon is America.

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