Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Why Russia is God's Nation on Earth

In America, we have many perversions which not only our media but additionally our schools and our elected representatives feel the personal responsibility of promoting.

I. Destroying the Christian religion

II. Defending Islam as a religion of peace and placing them in high office and defending the Muslim Brotherhood against Bashar Al-Assad and the good people of Egypt. Inspiring chaos in the Middle East and revolution.

III. Promotion of homosexuals. This happens in TV shows like 'The New Normal' and 'Modern Family'. Homosexuals are placed in prime positions as talk show hosts (Ellen Degeneres), reality tv contestants (Chaz Bono on Dancing With the Stars), and placing many non-gay but strongly pro-gay speakers in prominent positions.

It is Russia that has been involved in fighting these very influences. Those influences of the homosexuals who are polluting the culture and priovocatively advertising their way of life to children. It is glorious Russia that has just recently defied the global community in passing legislation that will restore order to society and morality by outlining acceptable limits of behavior, for instance, in the cases of homosexuals.

(II). Russia has also recently made known that it will not harbor Islamic terrorists*. While my nation courts them in Egypt and Syria, it is Russia who wants to maintain order in these highly fractured nations given to many disputes over the years.

And as far as the true practice of Christianity, our nation has gone into Russia to demand of Putin that he pass laws favorable to the United States and better for their bottom line, and their prejudices for how society should operate. Russia, they say, should allow the overspreading of the abomination of homosexuality, and should stay out of Syria, instead, let pro-Western puppets take power and radical groups take over.

America: Who the hell are you to demand that Putin turn away from his Christian policies? You, a land founded on Christianity and conscience and morality now try to fashion Russian government after the bankrupt way of life you live in the West. You have brought a target upon all of our heads because of your damned political correctness! It is Russia who has us in the corner! It is you America who think that you have brought the Russians to submission but it is you who will submit like a dog. God help us all.


Russia arrested 300 Islamists. What would the West do? America would consult a team of analysts and local experts at universities and hordes of attorneys, to be explained why they cannot arrest these people because the response of the media, international pressure, and the pressure of subversive "rights" groups in the US. The government would be liable for hundreds of possible legal cases including years of litigation leading up to the Supreme Court and possible impeachment. Meanwhile, they would let three hundred Islamists threaten our citizens and way of life for the sake of political correctness.

Pussy Riot: They were rightfully charged and convicted for desecration of religious property and services, engaging in their profanities during a morning service. Our anti-Christian government who hates the most noble faith is the one that supported this desecration and placed pressures onto honorable Russia to release these subversive and dishonorable women, who are not women at all but pigs. Our despicable conscience in Western society will be our own undoing.

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