Monday, July 8, 2013

Social Issues II: Racism and black America

On January 20th, 2005, Leann Holden is getting off work at the Wal-Mart she works at. She is just about to get in her truck, the video shows, but then a man comes up behind her, drags her to his vehicle, and drives several hundred miles before dumping her body, driving several hundred more miles then being shot by a clerk after an attempted robbery and arrested in Arizona.

Leann came to my mind tonight and I thought about looking into the case again, since it had been several years since hearing about it. I discovered the perpetrator was black.


The family of this young woman forgave the man. I can be open to the idea that maybe a person can change. It may only be after being taken to the extreme of crime and taken to prison for the rest of their lives or placed on death row before they find God, and while I don't think it's likely, I think it is possible.

But this man committed several sins. One is he killed a young woman. He is forgiven for that. But there is someone else he wronged. He wronged his entire race. You see, he went the way of millions of black men before him. A life of crime over a life dedicated to work. A life stealing rather than giving. Fathering children rather than raising children. Taking lives rather than saving lives. What he has done is that he has perpetuated the racist notions levied against blacks and has also ceded the point over to every white person who says that blacks are an inferior race. Many of you are trained here to say I'm generalizing by singling out one person and generalizing from that. No I'm not. I'm referencing one story out of thousands, or really millions, of people of African descent who have committed heinous crimes as well. It's a shame not only in that it destroys the integrity of an entire race, it lends credibility to racist theories itself. Inasmuch as racism is an injustice, I think it is a grave injustice itself that racial doctrines ARE TRUE, that it is clear from the actions of millions of blacks in America and every other country as well that they are a race committed to violence and murder and bloodshed everywhere on the planet. This man hasn't only killed a woman and destroyed a family, he took part in the murder of the integrity of his entire race.

It is becoming tenuous to suggest, and even more difficult to maintain, that whites should continue to read articles like this of the lives black people have taken from this earth, and to pretend race is not a factor or that 'they are not all like that'. How many stories of their incompetence and violence do we read? It's some sort of fuzzy notion that for every degenerate black in the papers, there are 5 good ones we never heard anything about. It's a legitimate point, up until a certain extent. But blacks, you have financially broken this entire country, you have scared whites out of their neighborhoods and then have the gall to call it "white flight", you mercilessly kill people in the streets and then when one of your own such as Trayvon Martin is killed you threaten civil war, no matter what he did to get shot. Racism is no longer something whites believe in, it's something history sits as testimony too, as to its being a fact. And that is more shameful than any individual racist white, any criminal and indigent black, and a bigger tragedy than any possible victim of crime or the victims left in its wake.  It goes against every democratic idea in showing that all decency and honor is lost upon an entire race of people.

What you do is prove that America was founded on a total pretense, that "All men are created equal." You steal from America precisely what it was founded upon and show it to be a lie and destroy all of America in the process.

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