Friday, July 5, 2013

Christians in Heavy Metal?

I was a teenager who started playing guitar at 15. I listened to a lot of Metallica and heavy metal and aspired to one day learn those riffs and techniques. Also considering myself nominally Christian before really coming to fully receive the faith, I had a burning question a lot from my age group and of similar musical taste did as to which of my favorite heavy metal artists were Christians themselves. Of course our parents would tell us they all worship the devil, and while I'm still not fully convinced of that, I am convinced that those who claim many of them are Christians are guilty of wishful thinking and tribalism, hoping that some of their own musical heroes are apart of the same tribe they are.

I can give a few examples of those who are said to be Christians:

Killswitch Engage (It's said Jesse the original and current singer is, the others, I've never heard)

All That Remains (Although Oli is openly agnostic, it's been said singer Phil is a committed Christian)

As I Lay Dying (not really sure, but generally are said to be Christian)

^^^ these are the main ones.

Supposedly, this makes it okay to listen to their music. I'd say it's okay to listen to their music but not for these reasons...

I discovered recently Phil Labonte from AtR posted on his Twitter account that he is ABSOLUTELY NOT a Christian. I imagine that pisses someone off after a while having deranged people from this or that religion claiming you're one of them.

As I Lay Dying, their singer Tim Lambesis was arrested on an attempted murder for hire on his wife. Sure, Christians sin and maybe even some of them try to have their wives offed. I mean, if I was married and my wife teed me off, I don't know I'd hire someone to do it.. I might think of easy at home methods...

But his defense is he was high on steroids (he's buff, a bodybuilder). And then you could say Christians do steroids too. But do Christians do steroids and order hits on their family?

Whatever the case is... it might be he's backslid or fallen or he was never right to begin with (more likely). Again I'm not convinced they all worship the devil but I'm more open to the idea that very, very few of them are actually believers. And it doesn't seem like a culture that would attract them.

Jesse David Leach (KsE). I saw them in Houston June 1st. If I had come across Jesse, I might have asked him if he was a Christian and it probably would have pissed him off the same way the deranged Christians have been pissing Phil off all these years claiming he's a Christian when he's not. Some of Jesse's lyrics make me think he actually could be religious, and his father supposedly being a Presbyterian minister does lend credence to the idea... but still, it's heavy metal and they're well known in this genre for selling their souls.

Christians also talk about how Einstein was a Christian and how Darwin recanted on his death bed.

Christians, please STFU. If you don't know what that acronym means and it's dark out, go to bed... You're either too young or too old to be up this late. If it's afternoon or late morning... you're on the wrong website.

Secondly, God told us not to lie. If you want to win people to your cause, maybe lying about Darwin, Einstein, or one of your favorite musical artists being Christian (a total lie) is a major turnoff to people and doesn't actually win anyone to the faith.

It shows them that you're willing to lie and stoop to deceit to accomplish your goals.

You don't get to lie to further a religion that teaches against lying.

You're no better than a guy shooting steroids and ordering hits on his family.
Either get right or get lost..


  1. Hitler and Stalin were members of the Catholic cult. No one can be anti-jewish and be a Real Christian.

  2. All race problems would end by practicing Luke 6:21.