Sunday, December 28, 2014

Trickle Down Death in the Black Community

Trickle Down Death in the Black Community

Some children are told they are hated, told they are worthless by their parents.

I'm afraid some black children were told, "I wish I had you aborted."

A baby can be viewed in two separate manners.

Like the woman who says, "It is my body," the child may be viewed as one with the woman, the woman, or  really just some sort of thing which is less than the woman as only a part is to a whole, but not anything sacred.

It may also be viewed in such a way, that I think is most right, that it is considered to be a life unto itself, autonomous, however dependent upon the woman for its being sustained.

To the abortionist and pro-choice, these distinctions are arbitrary and have no effect on the preference to abort.

IF the black mother considers it only as a part and not worthy life unto itself, she views herself as the center and the measuring stick by which all are expected to subordinate themselves to.

IF the black mother considers it as the life unto itself, autonomous, however subordinate, but holds a depreciated view of life, the child will come to recognize the centeredness, 1) of the self, 2) of the mother unit, 3) of the family unit...

But even in the first case, the child still recognizes this centeredness.

What I mean by "centeredness", is that the person is primarily concerned with himself and what pleases him, the self being the life he values most, whereas other than family or closest connections, the value of other lives is really only in the ability of those people to please and serve the self-centered person. In other words, death to this person would seem to be a very reasonable penalty to someone who has become only a minor irritance, such as make eye-contact with the person or a person who takes a seat on a bus that this person feels a special claim to.

If the urban black American does not value the life of his or her child, they certainly do not value your life or the life of your child.

Violence in the black community has to be seen in light of the industry of death and its export to mainstream American life and the world.

Violence cannot be stopped until death ceases to be the centerpiece of urban life, black, white, Hispanic, any culture.

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  1. Women do not think as men. It was not necessary for writing any books on the subject.
    Women are still dependent upon men, even if it is not monetary. For example, more women attend church services where the pastor is a man than go where the leader is female.
    Asians and Hispanics visit abortion places less frequently than whites and blacks in America.
    It is both white and black women who are listening to men. Many men do not want to be responsible for the results of their sexual activities, and have promoted the lie that it is the woman's body.
    Whether the male is married to another or not, all women should keep their children: if the sperm supplier is loved by the woman, she will be in contact with him for 18 years by filing for child support; if she hates him, what other better way of punishing him with 12 payments each year for many years!!!!