Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Eternal Deceit of Trinitarians

Trinitarians are immensely fascinating people. I give them this: They are very cunning. The ingenuity with which one can deceive himself that three is one and one is three shows an incredibly high level of cunning.

But their real difficulty in getting people to accept their stupid and laughable doctrine is that they do not know the first thing about logic.

Among the most stupid thing I have ever heard them say is, after I have made a claim to the nature of God and to explain the God of the universe to the simpletons, is they say, "But God is eternal and infinite and so therefore we cannot understand everything about Him. So I reject your argument."

Yet then, when I say I do not accept the Trinity, they mock and ridicule me and make incredibly dogmatic assertions about how the Bible absolutely teaches that and that you are damned if you do not accept it.

Why, if we cannot understand even very straightforward teachings about God on logical terms, how can we understand purely absurd delusions that He really is a multifaceted, multiple personality Unity?

I have never heard something so stupid ever.

And the way they are so pushy and never accept no for an answer.

I have been physically accosted by Christian people simply because they disagreed with my personal opinion.

I have been thrown out of their synagogues and publicly assaulted and scourged.

And yet I hardly ever try to open a discussion about this stupid fable with them because they are so stupid and they do not even listen to what I say. They interrupt and they lodge insults and persona attacks.

This is how it goes:

"Tell me all of your doctrines one by one."

Me, "Well, I'd rather not go into a lot of detail because it is fraught with potential for disagreements and many people feel very passionately about their concerns and it can be difficult to have a fruitful conversation like that."

"Tell me what you believe. I will not try to persuade you against and I will respect your beliefs."

"Ok fine. I do not believe in the Trinity. I do not believe in eternal hellfire."

"Heretic!!! Burn him!!! He speaks with a forked-tongue, the devil!!!"


And I'm thinking to myself god-damn it. These people are so fucking stupid.


Why is it I have to accept EVERYTHING it is you say about God but you just insult whatever I say and suggest I am pretending to understand eternal things not meant for us to comprehend.

It is because you trinity-fags are all liars and horses-asses.

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  1. John Randall Sadler and I, Jesse Van Myers, met about 2 years ago in Tyler, TX. John started the conversation with me by asking what I thought about the dietary laws. I probably said something like, "Can Paul give me permission to do what GOD has forbidden?"

    The "word" trinity is not found in the Bible that the simi-Protestants have suggested that we read. From the beginning it was all about GOD and how HE was GOD alone. Even after Jesus began His ministry, He acknowledged that His FATHER is greater than He.
    I am not concerned about what the "lost" think of me; I do however think about whenever some one agrees with me.
    I have discussed the Lake of Fire with Randall. Trinity is an invention of man; the Lake of Fire is from Jesus, the Son of GOD and HIS best messengers. Therefore, John is right with me against the "trinity", but he is wrong on the Lake of Fire.
    Some of you Trinitarians and/ or paul-lovers should have at least commented on the words that John used--fucking, fags, asses.
    An ass is an animal. Fucking and fags (the names) did not exist during the time of Paul, the greatest pretender!!!!!!!!~!