Thursday, April 18, 2013

Virginity and having children

Many of you Christians who find yourselves virgins now and wanting to marry eventually, some of you even soon, need to answer a question first. My prescription is you wait a few more years before marrying and having children. The forecast is very gloomy currently and I suggest that now is no time to be having children. You are better for now if you save your virginity and have no children going into the last days than to have children and go into the last days. My belief, which I derive from the abundance of signs being given us currently, is that those days are very close and so I do believe strongly that now would be a bad time for having children. I would recommend waiting at least 3-5 years before seriously considering marriage or children. Why do I say that? Because in 3-5 years, those of you who disagree with me now will change your minds.

Let's ask: Will things be better in a few years or will they be better? Will you have a better paying job in a few years or lesser paying, making more money or less money? Will you be promoted in a few years or will you be unemployed? Some of you may be concerned about savings. In a few years, will you have saved what you plan on saving or will you have saved less?

A question you might have been asked: "Would you like to have children some day?" I suggest we move beyond what we would like to do and ask ourselves if it is fair to be bringing children into a world in a climate of economic uncertainty, dismal job numbers, escalating debt, and imminent collapse and secondly, ask of God what He would like us to do, not what we would like.

What does the Bible say about the children in those days?

There are a couple things.

Matthew 24:19 And woe unto them that are with child, and to them who give suck in those days!

2 Kings 6:26-31 tells a story about threats to children during times of trouble.

The story tells how a woman asks a lady to kill her son and cook him this first day and then the next day the other woman will kill her son and cook him. This was during a time of incredible famine and the lady found that the offer was fair. She killed her son and they ate him. The next day, she returns to the lady who first offered the deal and asks her to present her son that they might cook and eat him. But this
woman changed her mind and put her son in hiding.

Do you want to face the very real possibility that if you have children in the near future, that you may have to fight off people who would like to eat your kids? There will be people in those days who will want to eat children, not theirs, but yours. There will be no buying or selling without the mark so their may be people who refuse the mark who still don't have a problem with eating children but there might also be people who do have the mark that because they are filled with such incredible evil they may like to eat children as a form of persecution against the Christians. There are things that society agrees are terrible and that no one should ever have to face. I think this is a fair candidate for that distinction. No one should have their children threatened by cannibals.

As terrible as it sounds, it is said that today in North Korea, there have been cases where parents ate their own children because of the terrible famine there. It has also been suggested that cannibalism may have even occurred during the Great Depression in America. Of course there was the Donner party and a soccer team that crashed in the Andes, Peru I believe, so when the Tribulation period does begin, this is not an unlikely scenario, or even a threat which should be taken lightly leading into those days.

Of course this is not the only fear. Starving children is another reality that some will have to address. For every additional child in the home, the responsibilities and trials of the parent/s will be that much more increased. The people who will be most successful in those days, I suspect, will be those who are responsible only for themselves who also have a large measure of mobility that families will not have. It
will be very necessary for many people to relocate over very long distances and this could be enormously difficult for people who have built themselves a life and are raising a family, for instance, in a home they have built. Moving a whole family under the circumstances that will be common in those days will be no easy task. Imagine taking your entire family, getting on a great ship with them taking no clothes, no belongings, no car, but only the money that you have to your name (in pre-mark times) and starting a completely "new life" in a country that you have never visited, know nothing about, do not speak the language, or know even one person there. Not easy with or without children but it would clearly be more difficult with a family than by yourself.

Some of these questions people in the near future will have to answer. Many from fear will choose to not do what is necessary to protect themselves because the sacrifice seems too great. They will take their chances in a place like my country where they will almost certainly die. Some will choose to stay because they do not see the danger that is coming.

Because of these several points, it is my suggestion that you become less concerned with the things of this world and pursuing them now and become more concerned with pursuing the things of God.

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