Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pre-Catholic introduction

Protestant Christians are half-hearted in their rejection of Catholic tenets. They decry the relics of paganism, while during the month of December Christmas trees can be found in nearly every church. They decry the formality but in its stead they offer worship utilizing the principles of Mesmerism. They like Hell, Trinitarianism, and other aspects, and while Protestantism was predicated on the idea of offering a biblical perspective on crucial issues they saw Catholicism as having abused, they clung rigidly to orthodoxy in almost every sense of the term, and their corresponding religion has tended to look more Catholic than the Catholics look now.

I hold, contrary to mainstream churchgoers and thinkers, that orthodoxy is the very definition of heresy. It is so because the teachings of the early Church were systematically uprooted and voted against in the several councils, which Protestants hold in no esteem mind you, but bear an ominous resemblance to. Therefore, what I propose is that to arrive at the faith once delivered unto the saints by the Messiah Himself, then we must consider that faith which was pre-Catholic and that was pre-orthodox, which includes us setting aside all orthodox prejudices and considering that when the quote-unquote orthodox tenets of faith were established, that they were established in contravention to what the earlier body of believers believed, and indeed, had received from the Christ Himself.

Therefore, the faith they had received is the faith we want to adopt, despite what well-meaning Catholic bishops centuries later thought prudent to clarify and abolish.

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